Cats Will Be Like....

We call him "Oren" :)

Foresee the future ehh?

"I can't accept this" *look away

"Like seriously???" 

"Hey wait !! "

"I'm a lone ranger bro" *lalala

"Do you hear the voice??" *mukacuak

"Waiting for the moon to be mine" 

"I smell something fishy here, " *sniff

"Lets do the investigation together, " 

"What she's up to?" *clueless faces

"You look weird bro" *cant take my eyes off from you

"I've got something in here" *keep on scrawling for things

"Well she's being a lil bit crazy now" 


" I feel the Earth is .." *feeling suspicious 

"Because we are siblings"

"Why she's taking my picture? "

"Look at there!"

"I'm coming to you" *lalala


"Ok, I lose"

"You what???"

"Because I'm too shy"


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