bOrn to Be soMebodY...@_@

There's a dream in my soul,
a fire that's deep inside me.
There's a me no one knows
waiting to be set free.

I'm gonna see that day;
I can feel it,
I can taste it.
Change is coming my way.

I was born to be somebody.
Ain't nothing that's ever gonna stop me.
I'll light up the sky like lightning,
I'm gonna rise above,
show 'em what I'm made of,
I was born to be somebody,
I was born to be,
and this world will belong to me.

This life can kick you around,
this world can make you feel small.
They will not keep my down.
I was born to stand tall.

I'm goin' all the way.
I can feel it, I believe it.
I'm here, I'm here to stay

Feel it,
believe it,
dream it,
be it.  

you are what you are...
make it real...never stop walking through..^_^


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